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How to choose the antistatic floor

- Jun 11, 2018 -

Selection method of antistatic floor

1. First, the total area (or block number) of the anti static floor of the computer room construction and the number of all kinds of accessories (the ratio of standard bracket 1 to 3.5, the ratio of standard cross beam ratio 1:5.2) should be kept in order to avoid waste or shortage.

2. Fully understand the varieties and quality of antistatic floor produced by manufacturers, as well as various technical performance indicators.

The technical performance of antistatic floor mainly refers to its mechanical and electrical properties. Mechanical properties mainly consider its bearing capacity and wear resistance.

3, the load of the anti static floor should be determined on the basis of the weight of the most heavy equipment in the machine room, which can prevent some equipment from overweight and cause the permanent deformation or breakage of the floor.

4, the anti-static floor has little change under the influence of external environmental conditions. That is, not because of the external environment temperature is too high, too low obvious expansion, that is, when the temperature of the machine room is slightly high, the anti static floor extension expansion, can not be dismantled and replaced; when the temperature is low, the anti static floor contraction, producing a feeling of loosening. The shrinkage of the anti-static floor should be less than 0.5mm, and the deflection of the panel should be less than 0.25mm.

5, anti-static floor surface should not be reflective, non skid, corrosion resistant, no dust, no dust, easy to clean.

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