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How to choose PVC flooring?

- Nov 07, 2017 -

How to choose PVC flooring?

PVC flooring is used more and more in various places. At the same time, we should also pay attention to choose the corresponding floor materials according to different places, such as coil and sheet. 

PVC coil flooring is in a roll. Sheet PVC flooring is cut piece. PVC flooring is widely used in commercial, hospital, school, indoor sports venues and other places.

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PVC sheet Flooring


PVC coil flooring

The places used sheet and coil PVC floor will be different. The pattern of the coil PVC flooring is more than the sheet. The sheet is more suitable for small area and also in the good decorative effect place, such as home appliances, small shopping malls, shops, hotels, etc. Normally, 500 square meters use sheet flooring, because the flooring is easy to installation. And for large areas, such as schools, hospitals, indoor stadiums, the area is large, laying PVC coil flooring is more appropriate. There is also a hospital where such sites need to be seamlessly connected to the ground, when the PVC coil flooring can meet these requirements, and the sheet can not be seamless connection. The elasticity of PVC coil flooring is much better than that of sheet material. PVC coil flooring has the advantages of good elasticity, easy laying and installation, antibacterial, durable, easy maintenance and so on.

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PVC sheet flooring

Advantages: simple installation; the workers don’t need much experience; fast installation; small material loss; UV sheet layer composite floor with stain resistance, abrasion resistance, good antibacterial performance; easy laying and changeable personality pattern; the floor compressive mark, good sound-absorbing effect; environmental protection does not contain formaldehyde; excellent non slip floor easy to replace the floor; damage; floor light quality can effectively reduce the building load; fire resistance of B1.

Application: shopping malls, supermarkets, corridors, corridors, homes, offices, halls, schools and other places.

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PVC coil flooring

Advantage: wide application range; acid fast stain resistance, maintenance free; elasticity, good antiskid; wear resistance, antibacterial, mildew, moth not; good dimensional stability, not affected by temperature, wet deformation; not formaldehyde, safety and environmental protection; noise, comfortable; color, rich in variety, fully meet the individual design needs; fire resistance grade B1; light weight, ease of construction load, floor seam less.

Applications: schools, hospitals, offices, factories, shopping malls, cars, ships, subways, trains, homes, laboratories, laboratories, research, staircases, nursing homes, libraries, theaters and other places.

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