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How to choose plastic floor

- Dec 05, 2017 -

With the widespread use of PVC floor in public places, such as hospitals, kindergartens, subway, buses, supermarkets, etc., consumers' awareness of PVC plastic flooring continues to improve. More and more consumers choose to use plastic floor in home decoration. However, at present, the domestic consumers' ability to identify the quality of plastic flooring is relatively weak. In order to facilitate consumers to purchase high-quality and cheap plastic floor, we write this article to help consumers.

The plastic floor of family paving is usually compound sheet. What should be paid attention to when selecting the plastic floor of home dress?

1.Thickness. The thickness of the PVC floor is mainly determined by two aspects, that is, the thickness of the bottom layer and the wear-resistant layer. The most common base material thickness on the market is 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm, 3.5mm and 5.0mm, and the thickness of the wear-resisting layer is 0.1mm, 0.12mm, 0.2mm, 0.3mm, 0.35mm, 0.5mm and so on. The longer the thicker the floor is, the higher the price is.

2.Raw materials and production technology. The multi-layer composite sheet is composed of the bottom layer, the printing film and the wear-resistant layer. The quality of the three materials directly determines the quality of the plastic floor.

Bottom layer: the bottom material used by the manufacturer can be roughly divided into two kinds, that is, the new material and the recycled material. However, the quality of the plastic floor, which is produced by recycled materials, is not as good as the floor of the new material. The bottom material stepped up elastic strong, the water is not easy to deform, and is not easy to shrink, use a long time does not appear warped edge; and the recycled material made of bottom material almost no flexibility, the water will appear obvious swelling caused by edge tilt, if winter temperatures drop too fast will have obvious shrinkage thus, the influence of ground appearance.

Printing film: imported printing layer and printing layer produced by China good factory, its color brightness and fidelity are very good, while the printing layer produced by general small factories is prone to fade. In order to avoid the color of the plastic floor, the consumer is better looking for good faith.

Wear resistant layer: because of the different manufacturers, the quality of wear resistant layer is also quite different. The poor quality wear-resisting layer is easy to shrink apart from cracking, causing the edge of the floor to become warped. It is also suggested that consumers buy PVC floors with good faith.

The manufacturing process: the technology that compounded the above three parts is mainly divided into two kinds: hot pressing and extrusion. The cost of hot pressing is high, and the quality is stable. Most domestic enterprises use the extrusion mode, and most of the imported products are hot pressed.

3.Construction. Many consumers do not pay attention to the quality of the construction, in fact, many businesses and construction teams do not attach importance to it, a simple shop to deal with public affairs. The quality of construction and self leveling is also important.Many clients learn self leveling it also charges, are not willing to carry out self leveling leveling requirements, lay directly in the ground; there are many businesses in order to save construction costs, not to self leveling leveling. The construction of self leveling must be done in strict accordance with the construction technology, otherwise the plastic floor will be paved with uneven effect.

Market prospect 

plastic floor is another kind of PVC floor called, also called PVC sports plastic floor floor floor. 

The main component of PVC material, PVC floor can be made into two kinds, one is homogeneous, is from the bottom to the pattern material is the same. Another is the composite, the top layer is pure PVC transparent layer, below the printing layer and foam layer.

PVC floor is widely used in all aspects of home and trade because of its rich color and variety of colors. PVC plastic floor has PVC roll floor and PVC lump floor two kinds. PVC floor is made of PVC resin as the main raw material, and its copolymer resin as the main raw material, filler, plasticizer, agent, colorant and other accessories is not chaos, in the continuous sheet substrate, the coating production process made by rolling, extrusion or extrusion process for producing a substrate into foam PVC floor and substrate with dense PVC floor two, 1830mm, 2000mm etc. the width, the length of each volume of 15m and 20m, the total thickness of 1.6mm~3.2mm. The required area of the rolled floor can be calculated by 1.10. If the floor sheet width is exactly the room width, can consider the loss of 2%. The rolling stock floor can be retail, how much to buy, the spelling should be carefully calculated to avoid the spread. PVC elastic plastic floor is the most novel high tech paving material in the world building materials industry at present. It has been widely used in foreign decoration engineering.Trade (office buildings, shopping malls, airports), education (schools, libraries, gymnasiums), pharmaceuticals (pharmaceutical factories, hospitals), factories and other industries are widely used, and have achieved satisfactory results, and the amount of usage is increasing.

Domestic floor sheet is booming, especially plastic floor, export volume increased year by year, but can be known brand is very few and the floor, in contrast, produced the best-selling PVC flooring products foreign brands still play a leading role in the country. In the family decoration in the south, the use of plastic flooring has become a trend, and it also embodies the consumer's pursuit of health, environmental protection and quality. And in the north, the plastic floor is home to the home.

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