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Hot and rainy, indoor PVC floor maintenance attention to what details?

- May 08, 2018 -

At present, under the influence of hot and rainy weather, indoor PVC floor is easy to shrink, widen, crack, arch and so on. Therefore, the floor should pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance work. 1. diligent and ventilated It must be often ventilated on rainy days in summer. This weather is very hot and hot, and it is easier for the floor to appear arched or curled under closed environment. Therefore, indoor PVC venues must be regularly viewed and ventilated. 2. keep dry Although the environment is hot, we must pay attention to keeping the floor clean and dry. In cleaning and maintenance, it is not allowed to tow the floor with the dripping mop, or to wipe the ground with alkaline water and soapy water so as not to aggravate the moisture of the floor and destroy the gloss of the surface of the site. 3. rainy day window When it rains, the stadiums and stadiums should close the door and window immediately, try to close the doors and windows in the South or southeast direction, only open the windows of the direction of the wind, so as to reduce the water vapor into the room and avoid the unnecessary loss of the wet floor. When the weather clears, instantly open all doors and windows to speed up evaporation of water vapor. At the same time, in the middle of the day, the air humidity in the outdoor at the highest value do not open the window, but in the afternoon or evening when the relative dry, open the window to adjust the indoor air humidity. 4. dehumidification The air conditioning function of the air conditioner is opened to reduce the humidity and humidity of the room and avoid the occurrence of arching phenomenon caused by the accumulation of moisture on the floor. As far as possible, the air conditioner should not be blown to the floor, and feel that indoor drying can be properly humidified. When you go out, you should also draw the curtains to avoid direct sunlight drying, so as to avoid the fading of the boards. 5. instant repair Once the floor is arched, it should be repaired in time to avoid aggravating the problem. At the same time, try not to trample on the part of the arch, so as not to damage the notch completely. 6. regular cleaning In order to better maintain the board, soft broom cleaning should be used in cleaning up everyday, and the mop can be removed and removed by using cloth or dust remover. The general oil stains can be cleaned with a diluted neutral detergent, such as the English professional adhesive, which is a strong effective detergent, and then wipe clean with a dry cloth.   

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