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Comparison of PVC floor and stone

- Sep 07, 2018 -


Comparison of PVC floor and stone

1. PVC floor construction is simpler, the construction period is shorter, and the processing cost is lower than stone.

2. PVC flooring is more interchangeable, color difference, pattern, and stability in muscle are better than stone.

3. PVC floor color is more selective, rich in color and more decorative.

4. The PVC floor has good elasticity and comfortable feet, which can give a warm feeling.

5. PVC floor material is light: the weight is 1/20-1/30 of the same area stone weight, especially suitable for high-rise or old house reconstruction.

6. PVC floor noise is low: noise is lower than stone.

7. PVC floor Anti-slip, anti-condensation: safer to walk.

8. There are many varieties and series of PVC flooring: such as commercial flooring, household flooring, sports flooring, antistatic flooring, etc.

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