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Compare PVC Hardwood flooring with other flooring

- Nov 30, 2017 -

PVC hardword flooring has flooring advantage:

a.Environmental protection and renewable

b.Ultra light and ultra thin

c.Optidur NC

d.High elasticity and ultra strong impact resistance

e.Super anti skid

f.Fire retardant and flame retardancy

g.Waterproof and moisture-proof

h.Sound absorption and noise prevention

i.Antibacterial properties

j.A wide variety of colors

k.Acid alkali corrosion resistance

l.Heat preservation

Compare PVC floor with other floor

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1.PVC hardword flooring and ceramic tile

The different composition and production process: the ceramic tile, with refractory metal oxidea metal oxide, through grinding, mixing, pressing, sintering process, glaze, and form building materials or decoration of the corrosion resistance of ceramic or stone, known as the porcelain brick. The raw material from a mixture of clay, quartz sand and so on.

The performance and maintenance are different, non skid and texture tile is cold, maintenance is also troublesome, very easy to get dirty.

The installation of difference: ceramic tile is very heavy, the installation is difficult, and the installation is very difficult to move, can not be reused. And the PVC floor is light and easy to install. It can be directly paved on the original ground without compressing space, so it is very suitable for the renovation of the old building.

2.PVC hardword flooring and marble, other stone:

The stone is very heavy, bring a lot of burden for transportation and construction, also damage the main structure of the high-rise building.

The stone is cold and slippery texture when has water on it, marble and granite containing radioactive radon and other harmful.

The marble is expensive, but very good laying effect, suitable for the use of high-end places.

3.PVC hardword flooring and wood floor comparison:

Wood flooring can be divided into three categories: solid wood floor, solid wood composite floor and reinforced wood floor.

The wood floor is natural material, synthetic materials have irreplaceable advantages, non-toxic and tasteless, comfortable, warm in winter and cool in summer. But it also has many disadvantages, such as high price, large consumption of hardwood resources, heavy workload of laying and installation, uneasy maintenance (fear of fire,  water and tide) and large size change of floor width with relative humidity.

The appearance of solid wood composite floor with the same wood flooring with beautiful wood texture, good dimensional stability, easy installation and maintenance. But still fear of fire, water, and fear of tide, it is not as good as PVC plank flooring environmental protection, wear resistance is also less than the PVC floor.

Reinforced wood floor substrates is medium or high density fiberboard and particleboard, good dimensional stability, the surface layer of impregnated decorative paper containing wear resistant materials, ensure the wear resistance of the surface layer of the cigarette burning resistance, scratch resistant and anti pollution performance, which is compared with the former two, and PVC super wear-resistant flooring and the anti pollution performance than there is a considerable gap.

4.PVC hardword flooring and bamboo floor:

The bamboo floor is made of natural wood processing, green environmental protection. But bamboo flooring is also afraid of water, fear of fire, and fear of tide, sensitive to indoor temperature and humidity, easy to expand deformation or dry shrinkage cracking, serious even mildew.

The surface of the bamboo floor paint surface, poor wear resistance, anti scratch ability is poor.

The bamboo floor maintenance trouble, often waxing maintenance, also weak corrosion resistance.

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