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Characteristics of indoor PVC moving floor

- Apr 10, 2018 -

One, durable, durable, stable and stable

At present, the sports floors laid in the domestic sports places are mostly used in one hundred percent PVC quality materials, also commonly known as plastic floors. The surface layer of the floor has been treated by high-tech technology. It has the characteristics of wear resistance and durability, and this is also the advantage of the indoor PVC Sports floor. In addition to PVC material, this is also added a number of 1000D mesh fabric reinforced layer, glass fiber reinforced layer, the two layers of the adding for the indoor PVC movement floor to bring a very stable, can play an automatic reinforcement, in the laying of the use of the way the roller is laid, isolation of the floor and air contact, is beneficial. To remove the air before the floor is laid out, in this way, the adhesion of the indoor PVC floor will be especially good, and it will bring strong stability when it is moving.

Two. The best friction coefficient

According to the latest survey, athletes are physically hurt in the process of movement. 12% of the reasons are the friction from the moving floor. This is a problem that shows that both the indoor PVC floor and the outdoor floor, the strong and weak range of friction, will lead to the friction. Damage to the body. And the making of indoor PVC sports floor, considering the regularity and safety of athletes' movement, the friction coefficient is generally between 0.4 and 0.7, and this friction coefficient is also the best friction coefficient of the indoor PVC moving floor. It has adequate friction, and it can guarantee the safety of the movement and at the same time in motion. At the same time, the moving direction, which is consistent with the friction force, ensures that the floor is not hindered by the floor when the original rotation or large movement is ensured.

Three. Comfortable and soft

Research shows that, in sports, the first thing is the need for comfort. If a professional plastic floor is used for indoor PVC floor, the floor will be properly deformed when it is hit by a great impact. This is a rebound to the human body like a spring hopping bed. Even if it is accidentally falling down on the floor of the PVC sports floor, the comfort and softness of the PVC indoor floor itself will minimize the injury to the athletes. In the process of sports impact, the tremor problem caused by the deformation of the floor will also be weakened due to the soft and comfortable performance of the floor. All of these are due to the characteristics of indoor PVC moving floor itself, which is soft and comfortable.

Four. Vibration absorption

The momentum generated by the movement will vibrate on the indoor PVC floor, and the indoor PVC floor must make a response to it, that is, the indoor PVC movement floor should absorb the vibration of the body for the floor during the movement. The impact force of indoor PVC moving floor is much smaller than that of cement floor and wood flooring. Then, what's the function of vibration absorption for indoor PVC floor? When the jump to the floor, at least 53% of the collision force to be absorbed by the moving floor, so that the words can effectively ensure the safety of the athletes, the body of the various joints, brain, muscle tissue has a protective effect, and this characteristic is from the athlete's hair, and this is the room. The concept of vibration absorption of the inner PVC motion floor.

Five. Easy maintenance and maintenance

In the sports place, it is not difficult to see such sports floor, green and green color, the laying of unique effect, smooth and soft floor, for our movement brings a different atmosphere. In the indoor PVC sports floor maintenance and maintenance, because the surface layer of its floor use TPU treatment, so the outside pollution has a certain exclusion, such as the surface is polluted, only need clean water, or use a clean mop. If it is a key stain, it can be cleaned with detergent. Remember not to use strong base strong acid cleaners. Besides, we should also pay attention to the protection of indoor PVC floor.


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