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18 features of the PVC floor

- Apr 23, 2018 -

Plastic floor, also known as PVC floor, is one of the most widely used flooring. Plastic floor has been widely used in sports fields, home furnishings and commercial buildings. The plastic floor is so popular with its bright advantages that there is a great relationship, and we will further understand the advantages of the plastic floor according to the various features of the plastic floor.

1, PVC floor environmental protection and renewable

2. There are many kinds of patterns:

3. Heat preservation

4, antibacterial properties

5, super strong anti-skid:

6. Waterproof and moisture-proof

7. Green environmental protection:

8, PVC floorcan be cut and spliced:

9, super strong wear resistance:

10, high elasticity and ultra strong impact resistance:

11. Ultra light and ultra thin:

12, sound absorption and noise prevention:

13. Fire retardant and flame retardant:

14. The installation is quick:

15, small seams and seamless welding:

16. Acid alkali corrosion:

17. International epidemic:

18. It is convenient to maintain and maintain.


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